Better Rice. Better Life

Global demand for rice requires innovation that makes lives and livelihoods better. Innovation that sustainably boosts yields and helps countries be self-sufficient.


Arize hybrids - sowing benefits for farmers

Stronger biotic stress tolerance and protection in the fight against devastating pests and diseases.
Potential to yield at least 20% more than the best inbred variety grown in similar conditions.
In-built abiotic stress tolerance makes Arize hybrids generally more resilient to adverse growing conditions.
Optimised water and nitrogen efficiency thanks to a better developed root system.


Hybrid rice, higher yield

  • Bayer is the global leader in developing rice hybrids that are adapted to various agro-climatic conditions
  • Conventional and molecular breeding helps us discover new traits against biotic and abiotic stresses
  • We extensively test new hybrids every year, with only the best selected for commercial use
QuoteI tried Arize B-TE1 on 2.5 hectares in the first year and the yield was 10 tonnes per hectare. Now I am cultivating it on all my fields. It gives me a better life.

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Arize Hybrid Rice Brochure
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